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Why Do We Need Memto™?
Photography freezes moments in time and allow us to relive them again and again. It is also an art form for collectors and hobbyists. In this connected age, we can conveniently carry our memories and masterpieces in digital formats on smartphones and computers. But too often this limits us to viewing only a fraction of them on small displays, while so many precious moments lay forgotten.
More Vivid Memories
Memto™ Live Picture Frame allows you to create your very own live moments gallery, breathing new life into your photo album. Memto™ can turn ordinary digital photos into 4K ultra-high-definition, or even into startlingly realistic 3D without the need for special glasses. Memto™ also supports Live Photo and cinemagraph playback. When Memto™ senses that somebody is nearby, it automatically turns this feature on to enhance their viewing experience.
A Museum of Masterpieces
With each Memto™ Live Picture Frame comes access to the MemtoWorld™ online image gallery, which features a vast range of works from Memto™’s global artist collaboration. Each user can access unlimited artworks from around the world, available to download and display on their Memto™ Live Picture Frame at home.
A Platform to Unleash your Talents
MemtoWorld™ is an online image gallery created for great artists who would like to share their talent with global audiences. This central directory gives all Memto™ users the chance to enjoy rare and beautiful works not easily found in museums, galleries or other online albums. At the same time, it provides a platform for artists to gain exposure around the world and earn money by uploading their own work to MemtoWorld™.

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